Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why can't you just be patient?!?!?

So I'm dropping my oldest off at school today and she's all excited as usual. She practically leaps out of the car as I'm moving. "Hang on", I tell her " There's lots of cars and no one waits for anybody here." (no patience) "But mom," she says " I have to go see my friend so-and-so!" ( did I mention she's 5 and already has the attitude of 14??. Nipping that in the bud as we speak!!) Anyhow, after a fleeting kiss, hug, and promise to wave, I tell her " Be careful and have fun" She streaks off, narrowly avoiding cars that can't slow down for ANYTHING (no patience!) and I'm greeted by a cacophony of beeping. I check my mirrors and wipe my brow. PHEW! Not my fault this time. See, there are "lanes" at our school. A drop off and a "drive through". I generally pull off to the side where there is a shoulder, so as not to piss anyone off while I watch to make sure my child 1) does not get run over and 2) actually goes into school instead of playing with foreign objects off the ground as she walks in. (easily distracted from the tasks at hand!) Well today someone made the mistake of actually parking and LEAVING their car in one of the lanes! ( horror of horrors) So naturally this disrupted the flow of the jerky-stop and go-get-the-hell-out-of-my-way-I'm-late-and-your-an-idiot traffic pattern. As I sit and watch all of this unfold, I see the person (trouble maker) get back in their car, whip out a cigarette, light up, jerk the wheel into the "through" lane and proceed to lay on the horn, as there is someone in THEIR way! What the hell???? (no patience!!)I finally get out of the "Lot of Terror" and stop at the end of the street. There, I see the crossing guard, whose name escapes me, standing PATIENTLY for everyone to clear out. This man has never been anything but calm and friendly. He's wonderful and should be given gifts, if not hugs, everyday!! He's that great. AND he has learned what nobody else in that school parking lot has. That life is short. Kids grow too fast. Good times go faster than bad so appreciate them. Slow down and take stock of what's been given to you. So, thank you, wonderful and perpetually happy crossing guard (who's name will come to me as soon as I'm done writing this), thank you for your outlook on life and a positive exit from the ridiculous insanity of the "Lot" to start the rest of my day.

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  1. I hated the lot of terror and was so thankful when the girls graduated to the next school. Altho dropping off the girls at their schools isn't a picnic, but it is so much better than there!