Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Funny, I don't remember writing anything!

So, here we are. A new blogger is born. I never thought I would have anything to say that anyone would be interested in reading. Maybe I still don't and nobody is, but I've actually had 3 people look at my "profile" (??) Kind of funny, I guess. Perhaps I will use this as the diary I always start but never keep up with. Hell, maybe I'll even add a picture or two, you just never know. I read a friends blog and always think "Well that was amusing/sad/thought-provoking, why don't I do that?!" Well, because, as is the way with my diaries, I end up rambling on about absolutely NOTHING!!! ( case and point, this post!) Maybe I'll take a scenario....Why must children be SO dramtic?!? ......(sorry, children being dramatic) Anyhoo, scenario for the day. Maybe. Rantings? Feelings? Angst, pain and frustrations? Wow. We'll wait and see, I guess. Till then.......

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